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General Rules

General rules applicable to all JCI CYEA Competitions

  • Men and women between the ages of eighteen and forty may participate in this program. Nominees born before January 1, 1973 are not eligible for the Creative Young Entrepreneur Award.

  • A nominee must be an owner/manager who is primarily responsible for the recent, or start-up performance of a privately held business/activity

  • A nominee must be established in the territory from which they are being nominated. This territory may be local, regional or national.

  • Participants do need not to be members of the JCI organization, provided they meet all other requirements.

  • All nominations must be submitted using the entry form. Application forms must be received by 31st March, 2013. The application form is downloadable and printable in order to help nominators prepare the nomination prior to submission.

  • Nominations must be completed in English to be eligible, and answers must not exceed the word limits shown for each question. All allowed information must be included in the pages of the nomination form online.


General Rules applicable to the JCEL CYEL Competition

The following rules apply in addition to the above stated general rules applying to all JCI CYEA competitions.

Article 1: Applicants / Innovation Criteria

The nominee must have created significant positive change in a now existing business such as:

  • New product development,
  • Service development
  • New approach to the market
  • Solved a business problem in a creative way
  • Changed a process in an innovative way

Article 2: Submission Process

All nominations must be submitted using the online nomination form located on the CYEL website at Submissions must be received by the deadline date posted on the JCIEL CYEL website. The nomination form is downloadable and printable in order to help nominators prepare the nomination prior to entering it online. The official entry must be submitted online only. Nominations received in any other format will be disqualified.

Article 3: CYEL jury

The jury is composed of at least 4 personality's external to JCI Luxembourg. JCEL will determine the members of the jury.

Article 4: Selection Process

JCEL will evaluate the application forms entered and make a pre-selection. During this process the 10 best candidates will be selected. JCEL reserves itself the right to request further information from the nominees if questions remain regarding the nomination form of the nominees.
The jury nominated will evaluate the pre-selected 10 candidates
The jury may decide to invite up to 10 candidates for a personal meeting in order to finalize the evaluation process and determine the three best candidates.
The jury may decide to nominate only one winner.

Article 5: Ethic – reserve right

CYEL keeps the right to disqualify an applicant upon reception of the application form, if the latter does not respect the current legal rules and the values conveyed by the JCI credo.

Article 6: Prize-winners

The up to three finalists of the JCEL CYEL award shall be nominated by JCEL as participants in the Worldwide JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award.

Article 7: Information Access Right

Applicants are entitled to an access and modification right for any information regarding them. If an applicant shall not wish the CYEL to communicate such information to other companies or associations, please notify it by addressing a letter to CYEL.

Article 8: Non disclosure of Information

The information provided with the application will be used by JCI Members and their independent national and international judges to select and award recipients. Another use of the provided information will not be accepted.
All the persons involved in the selection process as well as those involved in the contest will be requested not to disclose the received information to any person which is not involved in the contest.